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A Screen Recording and Screen Capture Tool with an instant draw-on-it feature.

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Droplr helps you

Cut down on complexity and get the job done, simply.

Improve communication

Pictures speak louder than words. Use that! Take Screenshots and mark them up. Do you need to clarify a complex problem? Record a Screen. Get your point across in few clicks.

Be more productive

Don’t let a lack of information slow you down. Use Droplr’s Integrations and make the flow of information seamless. Communicate as you go and finish your projects faster.

Stay organized

Store your files in the cloud and have them and always have them accessible. Create Category Boards to avoid clutter. Droplr’s clean, easy-to-use interface makes managing files hassle-free.

Collaborate effectively

Promote team collaboration. Let others access and modify the content of your Boards so that everyone is up-to-speed.

Try Droplr for 30 days for FREE and check out the unlimited possibilities of Droplr PRO.

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What our customers are saying:

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Great for sharing screenshots!

Droplr is the simplest, most reliable, universal way to share a file with anyone anywhere. I can't imagine a quicker way to exchange a screenshot than Droplr.

quote Des Traynor
Co-Founder @ Intercom

Sharing Ideas Better With Droplr

When I’m working I just need to get something communicated or transferred or approved very quickly and Droplr fills that need for me. For me, Droplr is a time compressor for light communicative tasks.

quote Aaron Weyenberg
UX Lead @ TED

Speedy customer support with Droplr

For me, Droplr is just so seamless. I can drag anything into the Droplr icon and it’s there. When you’re trying to answer 20 support tickets, speed and flow are what it’s all about.

quote Davida Fernandez
Campaign Monitor @ Campaign Monitor

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Empower your team with Droplr


Eliminate bottlenecks
and improve communication

Droplr for businesses allows you to:

  • Give feedback without interrupting the workflow

  • Promote collaboration across the teams

  • Use Droplr's integrations & boost team productivity

  • Standardize your inhouse communication

  • Communicate with customers effectively

Find out how to support your business

Try Droplr for 30 days for FREE and check out the unlimited possibilities of Droplr PRO.

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